In 1981, Turkish architect and civil engineer Dr. Can Elgiz B.A, M.A, PHD. founded GİZ Development & Construction Inc. in Istanbul, Turkey.

In 1989, he started building exclusive private villa’s and low-rise office buildings, and later in 1993 he moved into high-rise office tower designs and construction. That very same year he built Spring GİZ Plaza; it was the very first Grade-A high-rise office tower in the Maslak area which eventually became one of the premier business areas in Istanbul, therefore significantly increasing the surrounding real-estate values and making it a prime investment area.

In the year of 1996, Dr.Elgiz went on to establish GİZ Construction, Investment and Trade Inc.

The GİZ Plaza brand is listed among the most reputable within the global office market and business community. From its inception, GİZ Project revolutionized the Turkish market by providing the highest quality construction with its signature innovative design, and continues to do so 35 years later while adapting to the most current industry innovations.

With 3+ decades of experience, founder T. CAN ELGİZ together with his team continue to offer a high quality product created within an outstanding business model and exceptional work ethic.

GİZ Development & Construction Inc. and

GİZ Construction, Investments and Trading Inc.

Recent Projects: :

• Industrial facilities and commercial constructions;

FUR-GİZ Business Center (Şişli – Istanbul) in 1986

Salima Holiday Village (Beldibi – Antalya) : A 1000 bed turnkey complex on a 100,000 square-meter property with 40, 000 square-meter construction area. 1987-1989

• CEN-GİZ Villas (Çengelköy – Istanbul): 16-500 sq-mt exclusive villa’s with private swimming pools, 2 tennis courts on a 30,000 sq-mt property . 1990-1992

Spring GİZ Plaza (Maslak – Istanbul) : A 28 storey office building with a 21,350 square-meter construction area. 1992 - 1994

Beybi GİZ PLAZA (Maslak – Istanbul): A 38 storey office building with a 38,951 square- meter construction area. 1994 - 1996

GİZ 2000 PLAZA (Maslak – Istanbul): A 27 storey office building with 21,700 square- meter construction area. 1996 - 1999

Harmancı GİZ PLAZA (Levent - Istanbul): A 29 storey office building with 15,935 square-meter construction area. 1999 - 2001

İZ Plaza GİZ (Maslak – Istanbul): A 27 storey office building with 21,083 square- meter construction area. 2001- 2003

Veko GİZ Plaza (Maslak – Istanbul): A 27 storey office building with 22,622 square-meter construction area. 2005 – 2006

APA GİZ Plaza (Levent – Istanbul): A 31 storey 22,385 square-meter office complex. 2006 – 2008


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